Pine Bend Area Arterial Connector Study

Dakota County, Rosemount and Inver Grove Heights are working together toward a common goal of proactively planning for future transportation needs based on the expected growth and development identified in their Comprehensive Plans. The Dakota County Arterial Connector Study will help prioritize future infrastructure improvements and reduce long-term costs and future right-of-way impacts.

The Dakota County 2030 Transportation Plan identifies the need to study potential north/south arterial connects and refinement of the County Highway 32 (Cliff Road) alignment to State Highway 52. To address deficiencies in the arterial system continuity and connectivity in both the north/south and east/west directions, the current Dakota County Arterial Connector Study area is defined by State Highway 55 to the north, County Highway 42 to the south, State Highway 52 to the east and State Highway 3 to the west.

Below is a link to the Dakota County Area Study page that explains the study. The September 23rd open house presentation and October 5th Council meeting presentation can be found at the below link. For details not found on this page, contact Dakota County project manager is Kristi Sebastian at or 952-891-7100.

Pine Bend Area Study Link

September 23rd Open House Presentation

October 5, 2015 Inver Grove Heights City Council Meeting Presentation